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November 06, 2009

Liberals Showing Health Care Blogmentum

HtimeWith the House of Representatives preparing to vote on health care reform, the intensity of conservative bloggers focus on health care has been decreasing while the grassroots liberal bloggers have turned up the heat.  

Morningside Analytics tracking of the conversations of the 6,000 bloggers most focused on health care issues shows that the overall conversation on health care policy (measured by an index of the use of the terms used in the conversation) across the entire blogosphere peeked in August.    However, a closer look at the bloggers who share attentive behavior (link to similar sources) shows the intensity level varies fairly dramatically.


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Beth Kanter

At some point, would love to play with your tool and incorporate some learnings into my listening/real-time tracking workshop.

major medical insurance plans

I didn't know liberals had a blogmentum. Then again, maybe they are more active because they have major medical insurance plans.

private health insurance

How can you track these? how can you track each blog for post about health?

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