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October 08, 2009

Health Care and Energy Policy – A Tale of Two Networks

As with most public policy issues, the online discussions around health care and energy reform are dominated by core groups of opposing political views. However, a closer look at the structure of the network of bloggers writing on these two issues presents a very different story.

Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting some of the key findings of Morningside Analytics comparative look at the structure of the networks of bloggers that are the center of the policy debates on these two issues.

The network maps below were created through identifying the English language blogs that were the most focused on each of these issues. Each dot represents a single blog, which is then plotted on the map based on its interlinking behavior with the other blogs. The larger the dot the more blogs are linking to it. The labels and colors identify the Attentive Clusters - groups of blogs that link to similar things.

As anyone who witnessed a town hall meeting on health care might have guessed, the center of the health care map is relatively weak with concentrations on the left and right and with medical/science bloggers far from the political ones.

The energy map extends deeper beyond the political bloggers to include not just clusters of environmental and green tech blogs, but also includes bloggers who are focused on pop culture.




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