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August 12, 2009

Conservatives Winning The YouTube Video Debate on Health Care

A snapshot of the movement of YouTube videos shows that conservative bloggers are far outpacing liberal bloggers in getting their messages on health care beyond the political blogosphere.

812 How?  Conservative bloggers are:

  1. Staying on a single message. Each of the top 10 YouTube videos being linked to by conservative bloggers is on health care.  Only six of the top 10 videos being linked to by liberal bloggers is on health care.

  2. Using Democrats' words against themselves.  The top video being linked to by political bloggers is "Shock Uncovered: Obama In His Own Words Saying His Health Care Plan Will Eliminate Private Insurance."  This video has been linked to from 151 conservative bloggers and 128 non-political bloggers in the last two weeks.  Other top videos being linked to from conservative bloggers include "Obama: I Don't Want The Folks Who Created The Mess To Do A Lot Of Talking" and "Barbara Boxer Objects To Health Care Protesters' 'Attire.'"

  3. Not letting charges go answered.  The top video on health care being linked to liberal bloggers is "Enough of the Mob" with links from 79 liberal bloggers, but conservatives are using it as a rebuttal and 81 conservative bloggers have linked to the very same video.

  4. Focusing on YouTube.  While liberal bloggers continue to post videos to YouTube they have also been shifting some of their video traffic to their own video hosting services such as http://www.dailykostv.com.   Through focusing their video traffic to YouTube, conservative bloggers are leveraging the multiplier effect on YouTube – each view they drive through a link increases the odds that video will be found by searches and discovered by people browsing through YouTube.

Want to keep up on how the video debate on health care is evolving?  Morningside Analytics Political Video Barometer, updated four times a day, tracks how videos are moving across the blogs.


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